Resorts in Boracay That Will Be Opening Soon

Twenty-five (25) resorts and hotels in Boracay will be opening soon. These hotels and resorts will be accredited by the Department of Tourism for having complied with DILG and DENR permits and clearances. The 25 resorts will accommodate guests for only for a total 2063 rooms. The Department is strict about it Non-Compliance-No-Opening policy.

Boracay is scheduled to open again on 26 October 2018. Related news about it here.

As of 31 August 2018, only 4 hotels in Station 1 (Balabag) will be opening soon.

  1. Boracay Haven Suites
  2. Discovery Shores
  3. Red Coconut Beach Hotel
  4. The Club Ten Beach Resort Boracay
In Station 2 (Balabag, Manggayad, Manoc-Manoc), 11 hotels and resorts will be opening.

  1. Luana Hotel / Hue Hotel
  2. Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel
  3. Boracay Haven Resort
  4. Boracay Holidays Beach Resort
  5. El Centro Beach Resort
  6. De Paris Beach Resort
  7. Best Western Boracay Tropics
  8. Canyon de Boracay
  9. AV Seven Resort
  10. Azalea Apartment Hotel
  11. Nigi-Nigi Beach
In Station 3 (Manoc-Manoc), 5 hotels and resorts will be opening.

  1. Astoria Current
  2. Casa Pilar Beach Resort
  3. Surfside Boracay Resort and Spa
  4. Starfire Resort
  5. Blue Coral Beach Resort
In Yapak and  Bolabog, 5 hotels and resorts will be opening.

  1. Fairways and Bluewater Beach Resort
  2. The Lazy Dog
  3. Reef Retreat Resort
  4. Ferra Hotel
  5. Den Pasar Beach Resort
If Boracay would be fully rehabilitated, it can look something like this as envisioned by the Palafox firm.

However, this will take years before we realize that good-looking Boracay. In the meantime, this is how Boracay looks like as of today. Drone footage is by FilipinosInAustralia YouTube Channel.