Read Hotel Reviews On Dohop

Dohop is a flight-hotel-car search engine. Its functional and visual design is simple and straightforward. The site has 3 selection tabs: Flights, Hotels, and Cars. On Dohop, you can check for available flights ahead, book flights and hotel rooms, rent cars ahead, and read hotel reviews. Add Dohop's hotel reviews to that of Trip Advisor's so that, more or less, you can weigh them and be more objective.

To Check Available Flights

To check the availability of flights on your target vacation date, select the tab "Flights." You will be asked enter the following:
  1. The city or airport where you will be coming from
  2. The city or airport of your destination
  3. Departure and return dates
  4. If you want the results to show comparative prices, check Compare with other sites.

The results page also shows suggested top rated hotels in the city of your destination. That makes booking a hotel room convenient for you.

Dohop lists only the major airports in the Philippines. If the city you are looking for is not listed in their directory (or database), you will not get results. You have to know exactly the city, airport name, or city code in order for Dohop give you the exact results. For example, searching a flight to Palawan will not give you any result. Either you type Puerto Princesa, a city in Palawan, or PPS. Baguio is a major city in the Philippines but searching Baguio on Dohop will not give you any result; perhaps due to the reason that the Loakan Airport (BAG) is not very commercial. Tourists, instead, travel by land to go to Baguio; or, book their flights to Clark International Airport (CRK), then travel by land from Angeles City to Baguio, which is a shorter distance, rather than travel by land from Manila to Baguio (6 to 8 hours travel time).

Check on this site for the list of airports in the Philippines. This is to guide you which city you have to search on Dohop.

To Book A Hotel Room On Dohop

After checking your flights, read the hotel reviews before you book one. Select the tab "Hotels" and provide the following.
  1. City where you plan to stay
  2. If you want to see comparative room rates, enter check-in and check-out dates.
  3. Number of guests

Upon clicking "Search", Dohop will list the available hotels in the city. You can filter the results by star rating, review score, property type (eg hotel, apartment), facility (eg WiFi), room facility (eg kitchen), hotel theme (eg honeymoon), district (eg hotels near your destination) and chain of hotels (eg Holiday Inn chain).

Manila Airport Confusion

Dohop listed Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (CRK, formerly Clark Air Base) as an airport in Manila. The Clark airport is actually in Angeles City, Pampanga. I cannot blame Dohop because there has been news that the Clark airport has been tagged as the landing airport for Manila should NAIA in Manila start its facelift.

Metro Manila has one airport by name - NAIA, which has 4 terminals: domestic, terminal 1, terminal 2, terminal 3. These four airports, referred to as terminals, are all in Pasay City but were constructed separately and apart from each other at separate time. This means that each airport has separate entrances, exits, but share the same runway. If you've heard bad reviews about Terminal 1 (NAIA-1), they have their points; however, the authors have yet to see Terminal 2 (NAIA-2) and Terminal 3 (NAIA-3).