Top 5 Most (Likely) Traveled Southeast Asian Countries

Based on Google Trends, the top 5 most (likely) visited or most traveled countries in Southeast Asia are:
  • 1 Singapore
  • 2 Thailand
  • 3 Malaysia
  • 4 Philippines
  • 5 Indonesia

The top 5 is not based on actual number of tourists who visited the countries. It is merely based on global interests. The graph below compares the weight of interest in visiting the 5 countries. This is based on how many times the people all over the world searched for hotels in each country. Notice that the interest to travel to Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia is going down; and based on Google Trend's forecast in 2015, the interest will continue to dwindle. The interest, on the other hand, to travel to Philippines and Indonesia remain stable even up to 2015; and by then, the interest to travel to Malaysia and Philippines will be closer.

Who Are The Likely Visitors

Interest to visit Boracay is a breakout!
Locals and travelers from Brunei are the mostly interested to travel to Singapore. They would likely go to Sentosa. To Thailand, local travelers and travelers from Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, and Hongkong are the most likely visitors. They are likely to see Koh Samui - an island in Thailand. Malaysian themselves and people from Singapore would most likely visit Malaysia. These tourists are likely to book their hotels in Langkawi. Singaporeans, Indonesians, and Malaysians are the mostly interested to visit Indonesia. You would likely see these tourists in Bali. Local tourists in the Philippines mostly patronize their own country. Travelers mostly frequented Boracay. The interest to visit Boracay is a breakout, which means the global interest to go to Boracay has jumped to more than 5000%.