Read Reviews On Trip Advisor Before Booking A Hotel

Trip Advisor perhaps is the most complete and most comprehensive web site about travel. It lists the world's best hotels. This saves you from choosing the right place to stay. However, the best ones are usually the most expensive.

If you don't want the best, you can search for alternative hotels which are not bad at all. With Trip Advisor, you can search for hotels available in your target destination. Places to stay are classified as hotel, bed & breakfast, inn, and special offers. You can filter the results into city center, mid-range, pool, free breakfast, romantic, free internet, charming, boutique, and luxury. Then for every hotel, you can read reviews, ratings, view related photos, map, and compare room rates offered by various booking agents.

Trip Advisor is by far a must-see and must-read for every traveler. It is a lot easier to make a choice when deciding where to stay in your next tour.

Trip Advisor tries their utmost best to publish reviews as objective as possible. It holds a reputation of being reliable. Nevertheless, still try to be cautious when choosing a hotel. Weigh the reviews. Be discerning in believing which review is true or not.

There's a Trip Advisor for every country. In the Philippines, it is Trip Advisor [dot]com[dot]ph.

One last thing, read also reviews about the reputation of online booking agents. Some of them may really be terrible in after sales support. Some cases are isolated, though, and do not reflect the reputation of the booking agent in general. Therefore, you must carefully read the terms. They are boring to read but understanding the terms are for your own good.

To give you an idea how it really works with hotels and booking agents, here is what I know. What the agents do is to book a number of units in many hotels in the world. They pay these units in advance. So, it is like these agents are the hotel guests themselves planning to stay in the hotel. For the reason that they cannot occupy every hotel room in the world at the same time in one year, they offer the rooms to others. So, YOU, who booked a room through this booking agent, is like a "friend of a friend" - a guest of the booking agent. Sad to say, being a "guest of a friend", it's like you have to accept the hotel room "as is, where is."

Therefore, read the terms carefully. Don't hesitate to ask your booking agents for clarification. If it's cheap, what's the catch?