Guide To Choosing A Travel Agent

You always need a place to stay whenever you travel. Whether you will be staying with a friend or in a hotel, you need to notify them about the date and time you will be arriving. If your friend has time, he will even pick you up at the airport; otherwise, you're on your own.

Designated cabs at the airport are expensive. If you want to take a cab that is not accredited by the airport, the taxi fare may be just expensive, disregarding whatever amount is metered. Plus, you risk yourself with a driver whom you may or may not trust. Taxi fare range from ₱300 - ₱800.

If you are a first-timer in the Philippines and are booked to stay in a hotel, might as well look for a package that includes airport-to-hotel transfer. Better be safe than regret.

So how do you choose a reliable travel agent?

  • The best way is to ask around. Ask your friends, family, and relatives which booking agent or travel agency they have used and would recommend. If none of them have traveled, ask their friends, and friends of friends. 
  • Your second option is the Internet. Read the reviews and comments about these agencies. Don't be settled with one review or one comment. Search the Net to your relief and satisfaction. 
  • Pick a travel agency with a good track record of experience in the business. Consider its awards and mentions on publications, and its years in the business. If it has survived the years, that travel agency must be good.